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Kitty Holmes - writer

“I'm Kitty, I'm 16 and I live in Berkshire.  I've got cerebral palsy and I am   non-verbal.  I point to letters to spell out words and I also have an AAC to talk.  I like writing short stories and I love music.  I'm good at maths but I like writing more.  My speech and language therapist told me about this project and suggested I have a go. I am very excited to take part.”


Mike Topolski performing Jack's piece

Jack - writer

Jack is a now 11 year old boy who wrote this brief story when he was 9.  He is non-verbal and has disabilities that are similar to those of one with mild to moderate CP but originate from a rare genetic disorder.  Jack is a happy, silly kid who has worked very hard over his 11 years to gain skills in motor abilities, academic achievement, and recreation skills.  He learned to walk at age 3 and has been running for years.  He is completing 5th grade general education school content without difficulty.  He uses an Prentke Romich Accent 1000.  He has learned how to swim, ski, and stand up paddle board.  As a family, we believe that the thoughts and feelings of AAC users need to be shared with their community and the world!

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Adam Lenartowicz - writer

Adam is an AAC user who is studying Maths at Newcastle university.  He was born with Athetoid CP so always been used to the perks of having a physical disability!  His first communication aid was at age 3, a Dynavox’s Dynamite.  


“I wrote the monologue about Megan and her mental health issues to raise awareness of the psychological dangers of discriminating against students who need SEN.  I, like this beautiful young lady, suffer from panic attacks and depression because of a really unfair policy for disabled students at high school that I can’t move out from. “

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