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Gabrielle Nellis-Pain – verbal actor


Training: RADA, NYT, The Actors Class.


Theatre credits include: Adrianna in THE COMEDY OF ERRORS - Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe Festival; Judith in HENNA NIGHT - The Etcetera Theatre; Trish in THE ICONOCLASTS - Greenwich Theatre, New Diorama Theatre, HOME Theatre, Incoming Festival; Nurse/Montague in ROMEO & JULIET - Union Theatre; Malcom/Murder 1/Witch 1/Porter in MACBETH - Jack Studio Theatre; Hattie in THE LITTERATI - VAULT Festival; Laura in BOYS - LOST Theatre; Sophie in CAPTURED - Marlowe Theatre, Old Joint Stock, York Theatre Royal, Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe Festival; Isabella, MEASURE FOR MEASURE - RADA; Danny in THE FORUM - RADA; Rachel in 13 - RADA; Mother in URBAN FAIRYTALES - Old Red Lion, The Space, Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Film credits include: Keira, WHENCE COMETH MY HOPE? (short), Dead Fish Productions; Lead Girl in YOUNG ABANDON (short); Clara in SEAGULL (short), White Space Film Productions, Eleanor Oakley, SILKTOWN (short), Greenwich University.

  I was drawn to the Unspoken Project because it importantly gives everyone a voice, making theatre accessible and inclusive. Having worked in the care industry, specifically with non-verbal people, I began to understand the importance of communication and am excited to be part of such a project that ensures people are heard.

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Sterre Ploeger – non-verbal actor

Sterre Ploeger is a learning disabled actor who speaks using Signalong. She founded the inclusive theatre company Act Up! Newham. As she speaks using signalong, where you sign the main concepts in a sentence, she found that other theatre companies did not give her proper lines. Sterre loves to teach the other actors Signalong and to include signs in the script, both in her lines and as part of the chorus.


After a long campaign, she made history by being the first learning disabled student with a communication impairment to study and pass her level 1 diploma in Performing Arts at Newham College. 


Sterre makes poems using signalong and has had her poems published in an anthology. She is planning to create a script for a new show based on her poems. “I wanted to be in the voice monologues because I want people to talk to me and listen to people like me. People don't talk to me because I speak with signs and it makes me angry.”

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Natalie Plunga - actor

Natalie is a proud Geordie, based in London for the past 10 years. Most recently, she was featured in a Film4 commercial and some of her previous credits include Mrs Cheveley in 'An Ideal Husband' and Valerie in Jim Cartwright's 'Road' at the Cockpit Theatre. Natalie feels privileged to be part of such an innovative and important project and is excited to make her Soho Theatre debut.

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