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About Us




We are an inclusive professional theatre company working with disabled and non disabled people, especially those with communication difficulties. We aim to make excellent theatre using a company of mixed professional actors. Eventually we want to make disability theatre mainstream and to bring new voices to the stage.


In 2014 we set up the Unspoken Project in order to develop performances, workshops and other creative activities in the world of theatre, with a focus on the experiences and ideas of people who communicate using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).


We also plan to work with people with speech impairments who may also use assistive technology to communicate. Ultimately we wish to create innovative, thought-provoking pieces from user’s ideas and personal experiences, whilst striving for artistic excellence.

As a Community Interest Company any profits taken from the projects are fed back into the community, to continue to educate inform and entertain. We chose not to be a charity as we showcase talent in our own right, we are more than just an inspiration.


Now we are thinking of taking on and adapting already existing stories in such a way that they include disabled actors without speech, and address the issues affecting disabled people without speech.  The involvement of disabled people at all levels is crucial to our work.

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