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My Voice Is...

We asked people who use AAC to describe in one or two sentences why their voice is important. We wanted to get as many different people as possible to do this (both people who have speech and those who haven’t) in order to raise awareness of people without a voice. 

"my voice is important at school, to interact, ask and answer any questions. It also enables me to choose my food at dinner time, i love my food"

"my voice is important because i want people to listen and i love to talk with people, it makes me confident. It is my right to say what i want to say but i can't without my communication aid"

"My voice is important because i want to talk to different people, make friends, share feelings, ideas and experiences and ask for cake in starbucks"

"my voice is important because people hear me instead of staring at me"

"My voice is really really important because i can shut up my boyfriend"

"my voice, it is my own and no-one else's"

"my voice is important because i have a lot to say and speech is a basic human right"

"my communication device is important because it helps give me a voice in the world"

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