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Volunteer with  us

As a small company, we are looking to expand our numbers, to reach even more people in our community.


We are looking for disabled and non disabled people to join our team, and not just actors. Are you passionate about theatre, comedy or television? Are you looking to try something new, working with fun creative people? Could you help organise events, deliver drama workshops, and we are also looking for people to write lovely exciting grant applications, could this be you?! 

We are looking for people who can provide long and short term commitments, we will work around and support you. 

If short term, small projects interest you, we would love for you to do some fundraising for us. There are many fun ways to do this: you could organise a film night or quiz night, or even a sponsored belly dance! Please get in touch if this is something that interests you, and we'd love to help.

Thank you lovely people

Without all of these people the Unspoken Project could not be possible...

the Unspoken family (we love you) Elizabeth Huxley, Maggie Robson, David Warwick Natalie Plunga, Michael Topolski, Paul Mooney, Anthony Ford-Shubrook, Sam Sillars, Hannah Prior, Danielle Shaw, Katherine Anne Mitchell and Chloe Kazantzis

Friends in high places: Susie McKenna , Steve Ansell, Susan Daniels, Catherine Harris, Hillary Gardner, Claire and Jeff, Jenny Sealey, Midge Caryer

Fundraising people: Jessica Thurley (and the Village Green pub!)


Tottenham people involved

Performers: Lucia, Abdi, Rosie, Paul Regan, Justin, Tina, Antony, Alan, Gill, Razz, Jason.

Behind the scenes Angels: Penny, Kyle, Keith, Patrick, Joy, Wendy.

Front of House: Anwen, Mummy Sue, Sues, Julie,

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