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Welcome to Our Voice Our Stories page! We are a creative writing group run by and for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) users (with the help from token speech therapist Alison Battye!)

We come up with ideas, poems, raps, rants, stories, scripts, and more, on a range of topics. We work in text and symbols.  


Join our facebook group: Our Voice, Our Stories. We
also have an email: We look forward to welcoming you (over 18s only)   

This page features work from some of our members, enjoy reading!

Daisy's rainy day 

Daisy the little girl looked out of the window and saw it was raining, as her mum was busy with little baby brother she could not pester her. Her dad was working so he was also busy. She decided to watch TV first but after children's hour it was the news so she turned off as she was not interested in the outside world. So she got up and walked over to her bed to get ready rocco the boy doll for his tea, he had orange curly hair, yellow baby grow and little cheque trousers and little blue boots which was soft and squidgy. She sat him in his high chair and started to feed him  when her mum walked in found these roller states under the stars OK  daisy said, she could see that rocco wanted his yoghurt because beginning to loose interest in his first course and wanted to play with his wooden donkey on wheels. So they spent time just wheeling the donkey backwards and forwards across the high chair table rocco in his little squeaky voice kept saying more donkey. After a while they both got bored, so daisy gave him his yoghurt and then his milk.. Afterwards  she got her puzzles out to do they were of various scenes like the seaside. She did this until it came repetitive, then daisy decided to give the rest of the soft toys a tea party. Rocco sat on her lap and played with his train. She encouraged him to talk to the others by sharing the train. Firstly he got Claire a soft bodied girl doll to play with him because she was not ready to eat. They took turns to push the train, then moppy the rabbit joined in. Rocco asked do you like play train although he could talk not every word cane out so couldn't form proper sentences. Then Kelly the rag doll joined in, she was wearing a pretty ballet dress with little butterfly slides in her blonde hair she looked quite cute. Rocco let her put her little frog in the train to push him around. They were the same age so had a lot in common. Some of the older toys called him a silly little clown doll which made him upset. This is why daisy tend to be his mum. Finally he put his little elephant called ning nong in the train to ride around. By this time one of the wheels had fallen off because barbie had put a pin on the track, daisy was not very happy with her because she knew how much rocco loved that train. So she was vanish to the dolls house then she had found a picture book to keep him entertained because he was not the most social able of dolls but needed simulation. The door opened it was her dad, when she went down she got her dad to glue the train back together again she went back up to the bedroom to read rocco a story. As he was into trains had a lot of books about talking trains. Daisy looked out of the window it was still raining. So she started roccos bedtime story it was called Larry the chu chu train, in it Larry went to the seaside but kept dropping his bucket and spade. He fell asleep at the end of the story.

By Madeleine

Ode to chocolate

Chocolate sea shells filled with smooth, creamy praline 

Fluffy cream-filled profiteroles with hot, smooth, dark chocolate sauce

Chocolate eclairs from French patisseries

My homemade sticky chocolate brownies 

My Sunday breakfast pancakes with chocolate spread,

And pain au chocolate or chocolate chip brioche on weekdays.

My mum’s chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting for my birthday

Ben and Jerry chocolate fudge brownie ice cream at the cinema

Bourbon biscuits dipped in tea, chocolate chip cookies, jaffa cakes

Chocolate fountain for dipping strawberries, banana and pear

Chocolate fondant pudding melting in the middle 

chocolate bars, caramel, oreo, peppermint, peanut butter.


You make me happy

You make me feel nice

You are my medicine for PMT to make me less grumpy

Without you I feel sad

You make my world deliciously sweet and smiley.

I love you!


By Jemima

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