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Lisa Marie Eastwood – non-verbal actor

“Hi I’m Lisa-Marie Eastwood a 25year old female actress and writer, I have been involved in performing arts for most of my life.
I have enjoyed working alongside Zinc arts and chickenshed theatre company. I have studied BA honours in inclusive performance. Recently I wrote a contemporary dance piece ‘I want to Buy a voice ‘ with a small group of performers and we performed in various schools and colleges across London. I’m so excited to be part of unspoken and work alongside some wonderful artists”


Matt Gopsill - writer 

My name is Matt and I am just a normal man with some wheels strapped to me. My background is in computing and I thought that was where my talents lied, but in my spare time I was writing poetry. Usually to get things off my chest and yes sometimes for valentine’s day! I was finding I really enjoyed writing and people loved what I had written so I semi secretly wrote more. Last year I went to a poetry night with someone who was performing and really enjoyed listening to the different genres and thought I am going to see if I can read one of mine. Rob Gee was host so I kind of knew him and he said course. So, I was a little nervous because I use a computer to talk for me and I had never spoken a poem out loud, it went ok and I got a round of applause! I had to tell everyone I was writing poetry and come out then. 

My writing has come on so much from then in quality and quantity, writing poetry about any topic being funny or serious. I just wait for inspiration to come and I never know what poetry I am going to write next which is quite exciting. I have now set up a blog called and looking for places to publish my work. 

I wanted to write a poem for Unspoken because it’s all about giving people who use communication aids somewhere to express themselves. They show if you give someone a stage how much hidden talent comes flooding out.

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