Lisa Marie Eastwood – non-verbal actor

“Hi I’m Lisa-Marie Eastwood a 25year old female actress and writer, I have been involved in performing arts for most of my life.
I have enjoyed working alongside Zinc arts and chickenshed theatre company. I have studied BA honours in inclusive performance. Recently I wrote a contemporary dance piece ‘I want to Buy a voice ‘ with a small group of performers and we performed in various schools and colleges across London. I’m so excited to be part of unspoken and work alongside some wonderful artists”

Wendy Fisher – verbal actor

Wendy came back to acting via the Old Vic Community Company in 2015 since when she has appeared and sang at The Old Vic and The Young Vic in several new productions. Most recently Wendy performed at the Old Vic 200 Variety Night and in a song cycle for the Young Vic, Sing Before You Speak Again. Wendy has worked with the Irish Cultural Centre previously on Ros Scanlon’s Wash House Stories. Wendy has also been part of several small film projects and recently performed 3 short plays with Get Over It Productions. Having worked in communication systems in a previous career, I was drawn to the Unspoken Project and the strength and courage of the organisers. I’m thrilled to be able to provide a voice for their words.

Matt Gopsill - writer 

My name is Matt and I am just a normal man with some wheels strapped to me. My background is in computing and I thought that was where my talents lied, but in my spare time I was writing poetry. Usually to get things off my chest and yes sometimes for valentine’s day! I was finding I really enjoyed writing and people loved what I had written so I semi secretly wrote more. Last year I went to a poetry night with someone who was performing and really enjoyed listening to the different genres and thought I am going to see if I can read one of mine. Rob Gee was host so I kind of knew him and he said course. So, I was a little nervous because I use a computer to talk for me and I had never spoken a poem out loud, it went ok and I got a round of applause! I had to tell everyone I was writing poetry and come out then. 

My writing has come on so much from then in quality and quantity, writing poetry about any topic being funny or serious. I just wait for inspiration to come and I never know what poetry I am going to write next which is quite exciting. I have now set up a blog called and looking for places to publish my work. 

I wanted to write a poem for Unspoken because it’s all about giving people who use communication aids somewhere to express themselves. They show if you give someone a stage how much hidden talent comes flooding out.

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