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Thank yous: JustGiving, Questionnaires and Quiz Night

We at The Unspoken Project thought we would start a blog to bore you and to tell you what is going down in the world of Unspoken.

Project Australia took off to a good start (but no, sadly we haven't taken off on the plane just yet!) we have written and sent out our paper to ISAAC, for our workshop at the conference, hopefully they like us.

We have started a JustGiving Page to fundraise for the trip to Australia. Firstly we would like to give a big thanks to everyone who has supported our JustGiving page: Matthew Williams, Luisa Guerreiro, Rosalind Parker, Sue Eedle, and to our Anonymous donations.

A massive thank you to Zorb Grelzer And The Grokuloids! and Tamara Davis, for their special generosity, and to Alison Battye for the Tube fares!!

We would also like to thank everyone who has already taken part in our communication questionnaire : Sam, Rosie, Chloe Susan, Tamara, Nadia, James, Hilary, Helen, Patrick, Adam, Luisa, Tiago, Lauren, Megan, Ros, John and Midge. it would be very fantastic if you take part because it will shape our work in this project . You can find the link to this here

Next we would like to thank Jess Thurley at The John Baird for all the help she has given us for our Quiz Night. We look forward to working with you again in November! Thank you for the amazing teams who took part, in no particular order (but if you don't want to know the results look away now), our winners When Frankie's Away..., Ally + Caroline, The Koala Bears, Pahndbagnana, Trim the Bush Reformed, Maggie's Muppets and Anna and Rosie. We love them all.

If you happened to miss all the brilliant quiz action, don't worry, we have not 1 but 2 more quiz nights coming up! Save the dates 26th October and 16th November (click for Facebook events)

Last but not least, we need to talk about Kevin. For those of you who saw are last blog and were wondering why we were traumatising a poor minion in a washing machine. Well, let us tell you, no minions were harmed in the making of that blog, his name is Kevin and he has been a loving member of the Unspoken team for years, he just needed a good wash in preparation for his trip Down Under. Now lets not disappoint dear Kevin and let his wash be worthwhile, lets get him to Australia!

Goodbye for now

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